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ideaForge Technology IPO GMP Today, Latest Gray Market Premium, Alllotment Status

ideaForge Technology IPO GMP:- The bidding period for ideaForge Technology began on June 26, 2023, and ended on June 30, 2023. The ideaForge technology IPO GMP, which is related to ideaForge Technology, one of India’s leading drone manufacturers, launched the initial public offering (IPO) to acquire shares.

It is said that this is the first 100 times subscription in an IPO after December 2021. People have expressed interest in purchasing shares of ideaForge Technology. Investors who have purchased shares of ideaForge Technology are eagerly anticipating the date of the IPO Allotment and the IPO Listing. If you also purchased shares of ideaForge Technology during the bidding process, you can review the following information: ideaForge IPO GMP, ideaForge IPO subscription status, ideaForge IPO details, ideaForge IPO Allotment Date, and ideaForge IPO listing date.

ideaForge Technology IPO GMP

IdeaForge Technology, India’s leading drone manufacturer, offered its shares at a price of Rs 555 each. Throughout the entire bidding process, investors have expressed an interest in purchasing ideaForge shares, resulting in a total subscription of 106.06. Throughout the entire bidding period, the price of the ideaForge IPO GMP fluctuated in and out of positive territory. On June 26, 2023, the process of bidding got underway. The bidding process was supposed to end on June 29, 2023, but because of the Eid ul Adha holiday, it ended on June 30, 2023.

The ideaForge IPO Allotment Date and the ideaForge IPO Listing Date are the two dates that investors who have purchased shares of ideaForge Technology are currently awaiting. The ideaForge IPO listing date has been set for July 10, 2023, while the IPO allotment date is anticipated to be July 6, 2023. Contributing specialists are expecting a mass addition of 80% in the ideaForge innovation Initial public offering GMP.

ideaForge Technology IPO GMP

ideaForge Technology IPO GMP Overview

Name of Event ideaForge Technology IPO GMP
Type of company Drone manufacturing company
Category News
ideaForge Technology IPO Bidding Process Starting Date 26 June 2023
ideaForge Technology IPO Bidding Process last Date 30 June 2023
ideaForge Technology IPO Allotment Date 5 July 2023
ideaForge Technology IPO Listing Date 10 July 2023

IdeaForge IPO Subscription Status

The ideaForge Initial public offering membership recorded the largest number of memberships done in any Initial public offering since December 2021. The ideaForge IPO Subscription subscription rate was up to 106.6 times higher than the retail portion’s 85.20 times higher subscription rate. The ideaForge IPO’s NII portion has a subscription rate of 80.58 times, while the QIB portion has a subscription rate of 125.81 times.

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What this GMP mean?

ideaForge Initial public offering GMP today is ₹523, and that implies dim market is expecting that ideaForge Initial public offering posting cost would be around ₹1195 ( ₹672 + ₹523), which is more than 75% higher from ideaForge Initial public offering value band of ₹638 to ₹672 per value share.

However, experts in the stock market stated that GMP is not a good way to determine the size of the listing premium. They stated that instead of following the unlisted stock market, one should continue to scan the company’s balance sheet because it provides a concrete fundamental picture of the business.

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IdeaForge IPO GMP Today

A main robot producing organization in India, the ideaForge has fixed its Initial public offering cost band from Rs 638 to Rs 672 for every value share. The following table provides you with the ideaForge IPO GMP current and daily live rates:

30 June Rs 550 Rs 300 Rs 8500
29 June Rs 550 Rs 300 Rs 6000
28 June Rs 550 Rs 350 Rs 6000
27 June Rs 550 Rs 300 Rs 6000
26 June Rs 450 Rs 300 Rs 6000

IdeaForge IPO Details

The financial backers who bought the offers during the Initial public offering are currently sitting tight for the posting and assignment dates. The ideaForge technology IPO GMP will be made public on these dates, and individuals will be able to examine the details of the IPO as well as the profits that were generated. Investors have invested nearly 3500 crore rupees in the ideaForge Technology IPO GMP bidding, purchasing shares worth crores.

ideaForge Technology IPO GMP FAQ’S

What Is The Grey Market Premium Of IdeaForge IPO?

The Grey Market Premium for ideaForge IPO is Rs 540.

What Is The IdeaForge IPO Share Price?

The ideaForge IPO share price kept on changing during the whole bidding process and on the last day of the ideaForge IPO bidding process, the share price was Rs 540.

What is the estimated listing price for1 ideaForge Technology IPO ?

The estimated listing price for ideaForge Technology IPO is ₹1212 which is approx 80.36% gain. The latest GMP of ideaForge Technology IPO is ₹540. The GMP price last updated on Jul 7th 2023 09:00 AM.

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