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PKH Ventures IPO GMP Today, Grey Market Premium Today. Allotment Status & Date

PKH Ventures IPO GMP Today:- PKH Adventure Initial public offering was opened for bid by financial backers on June 30, the organization will raise Rs 379 crore through this Initial public offering. PKH adventure restricted is occupied with the executives, development and neighborliness. The Initial public offering application window of this organization will be open from June 30 to July 4, the organization has kept its value shares at Rs 140 to 148 rupees, and PKH Adventures will sell 270.22 crore new offers from this issue. The PKH Venture IPO allotment will take place on July 7th, so if you’re looking for PKH Venture IPO GMP today, you’ve found the right place.

Here, we’ve provided all the crucial details regarding this company’s IPO, so be sure to read the whole page. It represents the premium at which shares of PKH Ventures are being traded in the unofficial market before its official listing. Monitoring the GMP can give investors an idea of market sentiment and demand for the stock. Today’s GMP for PKH Ventures can be obtained by consulting reliable financial sources or reaching out to market experts who specialize in IPO analysis. By staying informed about the GMP, investors can make more informed decisions regarding their participation in the IPO and manage their investment strategies accordingly.

PKH Ventures IPO GMP Today

Mumbai-based The development organization pkh adventure restricted Initial public offering was bought in till fourth July 2023. The Initial public offering was bought in just 65% with a QIB membership pace of 11%. Initial public offering gets blended surveys from Market eyewitnesses and experts. The organization’s Initial public offering was getting an unfortunate reaction from the financial backers till day 3. Notwithstanding the enhanced plan of action the pkh adventure Initial public offering didn’t get all around checked on from the expert.

Pkh Adventure is selling its portions for somewhere in the range of 140 and 148 pennies each. Qualified institutional purchasers are qualified for half of the stake, trailed by non-institutional financial backers at 15% and retail financial backers at 35%. Allow me to illuminate you that its auxiliary business Garuda Development handles the common development work. Peruse this article completely to find out about the pkh adventure Initial public offering GMP today.

PKH Ventures IPO GMP Today

PKH Ventures IPO GMP Today Overview

Name of the company Pkh venture limited
Issue size 379 Crore
Lot size 100 shares
Pkh venture IPO price range 140-148
Pkh venture IPO bidding dates 30 June to 4th July 2023
Article Category NEWS
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Official website PKH Ventures Limited

PKH Ventures IPO GMP Today – About The Company 

Pkh Adventure Restricted was established in 2000 and works in the structure, improvement, the board, and friendliness businesses. The business completes common development work for outside engineers. The Pkh Adventure Initial public offering was open from June 30 until July 4. There are 25,632,000 offers adding up to around 379 crore in the deal. The primary public contribution’s part size was 100, and the designation of offers was planned to be uncovered on July 7, 2023. Kindly read through this article to the end for extra data with respect to the PKH Adventure Initial public offering.

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PKH Ventures IPO GMP Today

Investors were not responding well to the Pkh Venture IPO. The IPO received negative reviews as well, and on day three, just 65% of the shares were subscribed. While the retail quota subscription was at 99%, NII subscription was 1.67 times higher. According to the article, the business could cancel the IPO as a result of the investors’ underwhelming response. The GMP (Grey market premium) for the pkh venture IPO was 9 rupees on the last day, which was July 4.

PKH Ventures IPO GMP Today

Financial backers had an unfortunate response to the 379 crore Initial public offering during the offering stage. The organization’s pioneers and early financial backers are making the proposal to sell shares. The stock should make a big appearance on July 12 at the BSE and NSE markets, however because of a low membership rate, it could not. The step by step GMP of the pkh Adventure Restricted Initial public offering is recorded here.

PKH Venture Limited IPO GMP Day Wise

Date  GMP 
26 June 6 Rs
27 June 7 Rs
28 June 8 Rs
29 June 8 Rs
30 June 11 Rs
1st July 5 Rs
2nd July 5 Rs
3rd July 11 Rs
4th July 9 Rs

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PKH Venture IPO Subscription Status

Pkh venture IPO subscription Status has been shared below for all the investors

Category of Investors Subscription Status
Qualified institutions ( QI) 0.11%
Non-institutional buyers ( NII) 1.67
bNII ( Above 10 lakhs ) 2.01
sNII ( Below 10 lakhs) 0.98
Total 0.65%

PKH Venture IPO Share Offered

Category of investors Share Offered 
QIB 12,816,000 share
NII 3,844,800
Retail investors 8,971,200
bNII (above 10 Lakh ) 2,563,200
sNII ( below 10 lakhs) 1,281,600
Total 25,632,000

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Should I Apply For The IPO? 

Financial backers were trying to ignore the PKH Adventure Initial public offering, and investigators’ audits weren’t extraordinary either, so it was prompted against effective money management. Because of a decrease in financial backer interest, the pkh Adventure Initial public offering might be removed soon. 90% is the base membership rate that is expected by SEBI.

PKH Ventures Share Price

It is compulsory for financial backers to realize the market cost and the value shares that they will be going to get after the Initial public offering. This gives a thought before the postings on the stock trade. 5 for each offer is the ongoing offer value that is running into the market for the investors. As per monetary specialists, this is the ideal opportunity for you to put resources into the offers. Saving offers for such a dynamic firm will be useful for you in adding a bundle to your generally speaking monetary resources.

PKH Ventures Lot Size

100 offers are the count for the part size in the event that you are putting resources into the offer. 25,632,000 offers is the all out issue size which is an enormous number. You can envision how great this opportunity appears for a venture. The offer holding pre-issue is 63,992,080, and that for the post-issue is 82,250,480. Here is the rundown of the parcel size for your simplicity. You can likewise utilize a great deal size number cruncher to achieve your part size necessities. You will handily find this stool online with some other financial backer.

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PKH Ventures IPO GMP Review

You shouldn’t stand by; any other way, you could skirt a brilliant opportunity to snag your monetary costs. The ideal opportunity is here for you. The offers are restricted, and financial backers are in-line; consequently, don’t pass up the occasion.

Tells us what the other monetary and experienced financial backers might want to propose for the PKH Adventures Initial public offering GMP Today! As we are getting refreshes from the specialists, the continuous strong task achievements and validity on the lookout, individuals should put resources into its portions. The development business is at any rate a colossal game for progress provided that you play it well. PKH Adventures have proactively arranged out all that well that has given a way to you to get its portions!

A firm should foster over the long run to share the soul of an Initial public offering. The equivalent is valid with PKH Adventures, which is conspicuously recorded on the BSE and NSE. We guess that in the wake of perusing this post, you currently have the information you were searching for about Initial public offering GMP and are ready to contribute.


We have given you significant data about PKH Adventure Restricted’s first sale of stock (Initial public offering) in this article, as well as the ongoing dim market premium for this Initial public offering. On the off chance that you loved the article, satisfy bookmark our site to get comparable updates consistently.

PKH Ventures IPO GMP Today FAQ’S

What is good GMP in IPO?

Grey market premium (GMP) refers to the additional amount paid for shares of an initial public offering (IPO) before they are officially listed on stock exchanges. To illustrate, if LIC sets its IPO price at Rs 90 per share and the GMP is 50, the organization will be listed at Rs 140.90.

Should GMP be high or low?

In the event of a high GMP, there is a possibility that the share price will be listed at a higher value on the stock exchange. A high GMP may indicate strong demand for the IPO, and conversely, a low GMP suggests lower demand. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the GMP is not always reliable and can fluctuate significantly. As such, it should not be the sole factor considered when making investment decisions.

Is GMP always right?

Investors take cues from the GMP for the listing price and to gauge the overall response to an IPO. However, GMPs may not always be an accurate indicator as the grey market is susceptible to manipulation.

What is listing price after IPO?

The initial sale of shares is done at the Issue Price, while the trading price on a stock exchange after the IPO is referred to as the listing price. The company sets the Issue Price, whereas the listing price is influenced by market supply and demand.

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