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Luna 25 Landing Date, Launch Date, Budget & Luna 25 vs Chandrayaan 3

Luna 25 Landing Date- The Luna-25 Lunar Mission will be launched by ROSCOSMOS, the Russian State Space Organisation. According to the Luna 25 Mission Specifications, the mission will launch on August 10, 2024 at 23:10 UTC and settle on the South Pole between three landing sites. If you’re interested in learning more about the Luna 25 landing date and time, we’d like to let you know that, according to estimates, it will take 13 days to get to the moon’s south pole. It follows that Chandrayaan 3 will likewise reach the South Pole of the Moon within the same time period as the Russian Luna 25 Landing Date, which is expected to be between August 23 and 24, 2024. You can read a short debate on this subject in the part below, after which you will learn who will arrive first.

If you reside in India, you will get the opportunity to watch the Luna 25 Launch Live on August 11, 2024, or you can watch it on TV or YouTube. You should be aware that the Chandrayaan 3 and Luna 25 spacecraft will both touch down on the South Pole. The Luna 25 mission from Russia is prepared to investigate the south pole of the Moon. The last time Russia set foot on the moon was 47 years ago. Luna 25 seeks to explore the lunar surface and discover water. Aiming to land on August 23, the same day as India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission, it will lift off on August 11, 2024. Both missions aim to touch down on the Moon’s south pole, which has ice that would be useful for upcoming space expeditions.

Luna 25 Landing Date

The entire nation of Russia is proud of its scientists as they prepare to launch the Lunar Mission Spacecraft on August 10, 2024, at 23:10 UTC from the Vostochny Cosmodrome. You should be aware that Russia has been attempting to make a landing on the Moon’s South Pole for a number of years. As part of this series, they will launch the Luna 25 Spacecraft, a four-legged spacecraft structure that will make a landing on the South Pole between the three previously selected landing sites. We have full details about the landing site, the Luna 25 mission’s budget, and the Russian Luna 25 mission as the launch date for Luna 25 approaches.

This spacecraft will carry a 20 KG payload that includes the laser mass spectrometer LASMA-LR, the active neutron and gamma-ray study of regolith ARIES-L, measurements of plasma in the exosphere, the infrared spectrometry of minerals, and other instruments. This cargo will be carried by the 4 Legged Structure that serves as the spacecraft’s lander. Luna 25 is a brand-new and fascinating space mission from Russia. Russia is launching a spacecraft to land on the Moon after almost 50 years. The mission of Luna 25 is to investigate the south pole of the Moon. The plan launch date for this mission is August 11, 2024. The spaceship will arrive at the Moon in around five days. On August 23, when India’s Chandrayaan-3 intends to land, it aims to touch down. Luna 25 seeks to investigate the Moon’s surface and discover significant elements like water.

Luna 25 Landing Date

Luna 25 Landing Date Details

Mission Name Luna 25 Mission
Developed by Russian State Space Organization
Also known as ROSCOSMOS
Name Luna 25 Moon Lander
Luna 25 Launch Date 10 August 2024
Luna 25 Launch Time 23:10 UTC
Luna 25 Launch Time in India 11th August (Early Morning)
Total Payload 30 Kg
Luna 25 Landing Site South Pole of Moon
Purpose of Mission To Collect Soil Samples and Provide Landing Instruments
Luna 25 Landing Date 13 Days After Launch
Expected Landing Date 25-26 August 2024
Chandrayaan 3 Landing Date 23 August 2024
Category News
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Russian Luna 25 Budget & Cost

  • The Luna 25 Lunar Mission will be launch by the Russian Space Agency ROSCOSMOS.
  • The budget for the Russian Luna 25 is anticipated to be between 100 and 200 million Russian Roubles, or 160 million Indian Rupees.
  • The Space Agency operating under the Russian Government is responsible for paying the cost of Luna 25.
  • The Luna 25’s mission involves gathering soil samples from the Moon’s South Pole, offering equipment for soft landings on the surface, and drilling hardware.
  • On August 10 at 23:10 UTC, you may witness the Luna 25 Launch on your TV, YouTube, or any social media app.

Luna 25 vs Chandrayaan 3

The lunar missions from Russia and India, Chandrayaan 3 and Luna 25, are aimed at the south pole of the moon. On August 11, Luna 25 will launch, and Chandrayaan 3 is already in motion. Chandrayaan 3 is concerned with a safe landing and experiments, while Luna 25 is focused on studying the lunar surface and exosphere. They represent a revival of lunar exploration.

Key Point Luna 25 Chandrayaan-3
Mission Objective Study lunar polar regolith Demonstrate safe lunar landing, rover mobility, experiments
Launch Date August 11, 2024 July 14, 2024
Launch Location Vostochny cosmodrome Satish Dhawan Space Center
Travel Time to Moon About 5 days 40 days
Lunar Orbit Time 5 to 7 days August 5, 2024 (Enter)
Landing Site Moon’s south pole Moon’s south pole
Focus of Study Oxygen and water search Potential ice reserves for fuel, oxygen, water
Landing Status Awaiting landing Aiming for soft landing on August 23
Safety Measures Evacuation due to launch safety Lander designed for resilience even with failures
International Cooperation None European Space Agency partnership with ISRO

For two weeks, Chandrayaan-3 will conduct lunar experiments, and for a year, Luna-25 from Russia will conduct operations there. In order to test for frozen water, which is essential for human survival, Luna-25, which weighs 1.8 tonnes and has 31 kg of scientific equipment, will collect rock samples from a depth of up to 15 cm. The launch of Luna-25 was initially schedule for October 2021 but was postpone by over two years. Due to Russia’s actions in Ukraine, the European Space Agency withdrew from testing a camera on Luna-25. Residents of Shakhtinsky village in Russia’s far east will evacuate prior to the launch of Luna-25 due to a slim risk of rocket debris falling. Additionally, local fishermen and hunters are inform.

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Luna-25 Landing Site on Moon

The South Pole of the Moon is where the Luna-25 Landing Site situated, according to the State Space Corporation of Russia. Additionally, Luna 25 can land in one of three already chosen locations, and it will be a soft landing like Chandrayaan 3. It will take 5 Days for it to enter the moon’s orbit, and then, a few weeks later, it will land with a payload of 30 kg of scientific equipment on the South Pole. One of the key aspects of the Luna 25 Mission is that it will make it simple for future spacecraft to land on the moon. The Luna 25 will begin exchanging data with the Control Centre in Moscow as soon as it touches down on the surface of the moon.

Luna 25 – A Friendly Race With ISRO

The Luna 25 mission sparks a friendly rivalry with ISRO in addition to being a significant step forward in lunar exploration. With its Chandrayaan missions, the Indian space agency has also been actively involved in lunar research, significantly advancing our knowledge of the Moon’s geological history and composition.

Collaboration, as opposed to competition, characterises this race between ISRO and Roscosmos. Both organisations contribute to the overall body of knowledge on the Moon through exchanging information, knowledge, and expertise. Instead of being a one-sided competition, this race represents the joint dedication of the entire scientific community to solving the secrets of our neighbour to the stars.

Luna 25 Budget

A budget of about $200 million USD is anticipated for the Luna 25 mission. This significant financial investment underscores how ambitious and crucial the mission’s goals are. The budgeted amount will be used for a variety of costs, including as spacecraft construction, launch operations, mission control, and scientific study of lunar data.

Luna 25’s main objective is to examine the area around the Moon’s south pole, which was chosen strategically due to its possible water ice deposits. The spectrometers and cameras on board the spacecraft, together with other cutting-edge scientific tools, allow it to analyse the lunar surface composition and take high-definition pictures of the landscape.

Luna 25 Images

The stunning pictures that the Luna 25 mission is planned to record is one of its highlights. The spacecraft, which has cutting-edge cameras, will offer never-before-seen pictures of the lunar surface. Insights on the Moon’s geological characteristics, surface conditions, and possible dangers will be provided by these high-resolution photos.

Future lunar missions will need to choose the best landing locations based on the data collected by Luna 25. By offering in-depth visual data, scientists may make well-informed choices that will maximise the scientific return of prospective flights and ensure the safety of following landings. Additionally, these photographs are probably going to grab a large audience worldwide and rekindle interest in space travel.

Luna 25 Mission Details

  • The Points below describe the Luna 25 Mission Details.
  • The goal of the Luna 25 Mission is to bring scientific equipment to the Moon’s surface and collect soil samples.
  • The 30 kg payload that the Luna 25 spacecraft is carrying contains a variety of instruments and useful objects.
  • Additionally, it will be equipped with a robotic arm for drilling.

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How to Watch Luna 25 Launch Live

  • To watch the Luna 25 launch live, simply follow the short instructions below.
  • Launch YouTube at the appropriate time and date for the Luna 25 launch, and then go to the Russian Space Agency channel.
  • You can watch the Live Update on this page or via one of the alternative methods list below.
  • Pick any news channel on your TV and turn it on.
  • The Luna 25 Launch Video and Live Updates are now available.


The Russian State Space Organization, ROSCOSMOS, will launch the Luna-25 Lunar Mission. The Luna 25 Mission Specifications state that the mission will take out on August 10th, 2024 at 23:10 UTC and land between three different locations on the South Pole. It is estimated that it will take 13 days to go to the south pole of the moon if you are interested in knowing more about the Luna 25 arrival date and time. The South Pole of the Moon will therefore be reached by Chandrayaan 3 in the same time frame as the Russian Luna 25 Landing Date, which is anticipated to be between August 23 and 24, 2024.

Luna 25 Landing Date FAQ’S

What is Russia’s Luna 25 mission?

Luna 25 is Russia’s lunar exploration mission to study the Moon’s south pole and search for water.

When will Luna 25 launch?

Luna 25 is scheduled to launch on August 11, 2024.

When is the planned landing date for Luna 25?

Luna 25 aims to land on the Moon’s surface on August 23, 2024.

What is the expected Result of Luna 25’s mission?

Luna 25’s mission outcome includes studying lunar soil, and exosphere, and searching for resources like water ice.

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