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Rabi Crop MSP 2024-2025: Check the Increased Price Rate Here!

Rabi Crop MSP 2024-2025- To guarantee that farmers receive fair prices for their produce, the government has raised the Rabi Crop MSP 2024–2025 for wheat, oilseeds, pulses, and millette. The wheat crop has the largest margin above cost, based on the MSP updated increment and price. Wheat prices increased by a maximum of 7%, with the minimum support price (MSP) guaranteed at Rs 2,275 per quintal, an increase from the Rs 2,125 offered during the previous rabi selling season. Masur too had a 7 percent increase; this year, its MSP increased from Rs 6,000 to Rs 6,425. Barley, gramme, mustard, and safflower were among the other crops whose MSP increased.

To guarantee that producers receive fair prices for their goods, the government has raised the MSP of Rabi Crops for the 2024–2025 marketing season. Lentil (masur) has been authorised for the largest MSP rise, at Rs. 425 per quintal, followed by rapeseed and mustard at Rs. 200 per quintal. An increase of Rs. 150 per quintal each has been allowed for safflower and wheat. An increase of Rs. 115 per quintal for barley and Rs. 105 per quintal for gramme has been granted.

Rabi Crop MSP 2024-2025

In order to ensure that farmers are paid fairly for their output, the cabinet committee on economic matters boosted the pricing for rabi crops. Additionally, the government hiked the Rabi Crop MSP 2024 2025 for the 2024–2025 marketing season. The 425 INR pricing is now the same as the prior 6000 INR.

The crop with the biggest increase is lentils, whereas the one with the highest increase in cost over margin is wheat. For safflower and wheat, an increase of Rs. 150 per quintal has been permitted. Minimum support prices (MSPs) will be in place for six Rabi crops in the 2025–2025 marketing year. During the cabinet meeting on October 18, 2023, the following increases in MSP were authorised.

Rabi Crop MSP 2024-2025

Rabi Crop MSP 2024-2025 Details

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CCEA Rabi MSP Rates Benefit

The Minimum Support Price (MSP) for essential Rabi Crops for Marketing Season 2024–2025 has been raised in compliance with the Union Budget 2018–19, which stipulates that the MSP shall be established at a level of at least 1.5 times the All-India weighted average Cost of Production.

For wheat, rapeseed, mustard, and lentils, the expected surplus over the weighted average cost of production for the entire country of India is 102%; for barley, it is 60%; for gramme, it is 98%; and for safflower, it is 52%. Farmers will receive fair price thanks to this higher MSP for rabi crops, which will also promote crop diversification.

Government Price Policy for Crop

The government also introduced the National Food Security Mission (NFSM), the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY), and the National Mission on Oilseeds and Oil Palm (NMOOP) in addition to the Price Policy. To help farmers make informed decisions about their crops in a timely manner, the government has also launched the Weather Information Network Data Systems (WINDS), KCC Ghar Abhiyaan, and Kisan Rin Portal (KRP).

It is an attempt to provide every farmer in the nation with the advantages of the Kisan Credit Card (KCC) Scheme. These initiatives aim to change agriculture, raise financial inclusion, enhance the lives of farmers nationwide, and make the most use of data.

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Why did the Govt raise rabi crop msp?

By promoting rabi crops—basic food and means of subsistence—such as oilseeds, pulses, and shree anna, or millet—the government hopes to improve food security. Farmers will receive more money from the market and be able to obtain the true rates thanks to the updated pricing.

Since the MSP is the minimal price at which commodities must be sold in the market, no dealer or merchant may exploit the situation of farmers by pressuring them to purchase at a discount. The objective is to provide high-quality seeds and financial help to farmers who cultivate oilseeds and pulses.

Rabi Crop Raised MSP Margin

To ensure that producers receive appropriate compensation for their output during the Marketing Season 2023–2024, the government has increased the MSP of Rabi Crops. For lentils (masur), the maximum permitted increase in MSP is 500 rupees per quintal. Mustard and rapeseed will be sold for Rs. 400 per quintal after that.

Safflower has been given a quintal price rise of Rs. 209/-. For wheat, gramme, and barley, increases of Rs. 110/per quintal, Rs. 100/per quintal, and Rs. 100/per quintal have been approved.

Crop 2023-2024 2024-2025 Margin (over cost)
Wheat 2125 2275 102
Barley 1735 1850 60
Gram 5335 5440 60
Lentil 6000 6425 89
Rapeseed & Mustard 5450 5650 98
Safflower 5650 5800 52

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Rabi Crop Minimum Support Price Increment 2024-2025

The primary Rabi crops, including lentis, rapeseed, mustard seed, barley, and rice, now have higher prices according to the government. Below is the revised price increase:

  • At 425 rupees a quintal, lentils (masur) saw the biggest increase.
  • an increase for mustard and rapeseed of 200 rupees per quintal, respectively.
  • a 150 rupee per quintal rise in the price of wheat and safflower.
  • a quintal increase in barley prices of 115 rupees.
  • an increase of 105 rupees per quintal for grammes.

These increases in MSP for Rabi Crops are consistent with the Union Budget 2018–19, which aimed to fix MSP at a level of at least 1.5 times the production cost.


Minimum Support Price (MSP) for Rabi crops in the year 2024-2025 has been announced to provide stability and support to farmers. The MSP is the guaranteed price at which the government purchases agricultural commodities from farmers, ensuring them a fair income for their produce. For the Rabi season, crops such as wheat, barley, mustard, and gram have been included under the MSP scheme. The government has taken into consideration various factors such as input costs, market trends, and farmers’ interests while determining the MSP for these crops. This move aims to incentivize farmers to cultivate Rabi crops and promote agricultural growth in the country.

Rabi Crop MSP 2024-2025 FAQ’S

What is the MSP rate for mustard in 2023 24?

The MSP for rapeseed, mustard, and safflower oilseed was increased by the Centre to ₹5,650 per quintal from ₹5,450 and ₹5,800 per quintal from ₹5,650 in the 2023–24 (October–March) marketing season, respectively. Nearly half of India's entire foodgrain production comes from the rabi season.

What is the MSP for cotton 2023-24?

of a fresh crop of Fair Average Quality (FAQ) seed cotton (kapas) for the cotton season 2023–2024 (October–September). The maximum support price (MSP) for medium- and long-staple cotton is now Rs. 6620/-per quintal (formerly Rs. 6,080/-) and Rs.

Is MSP increased for 6 rabi crops?

MSP increases varied from 7 to 2 percent. With MSP guaranteed at Rs 2,275 per quintal, up from Rs 2,125 provided in the previous rabi marketing season, wheat prices experienced a maximum increase of 7%. Masur, whose MSP increased this year from Rs 6,000 to Rs 6,425 (a 7 percent rise), followed suit.

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